Nicehash – You have no active workers. FIXED

nicehash you have no active workers

I’ve been mining cryptocurrency with NiceHash for 4 months solid – reliably! The process has NEVER gone down*.

*However after updating to NiceHash to beta, the mining process began going offline every day.

When I logged into, the dashboard told me “you have no active workers”.

And when I turned on my mining rig monitor, I was welcomed with the following sight:

nicehash no compatible devices found

[error] core | No compatible devices found!

So now to the fix, which took a fair bit of problem solving.

I updated the following components in order to try and solve the “no active workers” issues:

  • Windows 10 to version 1803 (made no difference)
  • Nvidia GTX1080 driver to 397.31 (made no difference)

I also thought that maybe some transistors in my GTX1080 had cooked recently, so I under-clocked the performance of my GPU by about 10% across the processor and mem clocks to no effect.

No effect!

The fix for me was to update the following components:

  • Nvidia GTX1080 driver 397.64
  • NiceHash

After updating the Nvidia drivers and NiceHash to, the mining process returned to its usual rock solid reliability, and I returned my GTX1080 to its usual overclocked numbers with the EVGA Precision X software.



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