Audi TMC Pro Google Earth loading screen

Audi Connect Google Earth – NOT WORKING

“Google Earth features will not be available after December 2020 for Model Year 2018 & prior Audi vehicles”. What a bummer. So what does that mean? Australian delivered cars optioned with the $750AUD Audi Connect package can still: have a data SIM installed act as a WIFI point for occupants search Google for navigation/destinations and

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 – reviewed

The original m365 Pro electric scooter has finally been updated! Spoiler alert: If you blink, you’ll miss the improvements. The Pro 2 electric scooter iterates on the original m365 Pro in the following areas: stronger LED light (2W Pro 2 vs 1W in the original m365 Pro) new yellow side reflectors new pedestrian mode speed

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Cheap Amazon Sonos speaker stand review

I’ve wanted to place my Sonos One speakers on floor stands since buying them (one either side of the couch). Flexson and Sanus floor stands are readily available in my local market, but they’re very expensive. Some of these stands cost more than the Sonos One speaker itself. I just couldn’t justify that sort of

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Google auto ads don't do it

I regret enabling AdSense auto ads

I had always planned to offset my web hosting costs by running AdSense ads in the background of this site. I imagined that a couple of discreetly placed ads would not get in the way of the information that my blog was seeking to deliver. Why do I regret enabling AdSense auto ads? Why do

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Bicycle firmware updates? Shimano Di-2

Does your bike have Shimano Di-2 components? Why not consider updating your firmware the next time you’re charging the battery? Shimano release updates to the full Di-2 component range on a regular basis. The updates deliver improvements in connectivity (SM-EW001 wireless transmitter module), deliver new capability (synchro shift anyone?), allow for new component inter-operability, and

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rachio smart sprinkler controller connections

Rachio smart sprinkler controller

The Rachio smart sprinkler controller has been on my purchasing radar for some time. It’s always a good sign when fellow IoT enthusiasts bring up the Rachio sprinkler controller in gadget focused conversations. I’ve delayed my own Rachio installation because of the many current and upcoming projects around my home. Irrigation has taken a low

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